Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of Things is the buzzword at the moment around the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Large conglomerates and financial giants have started to move into Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO) and offering Tokenization as a Service (TaaS). The cryptocurrency market has evolved itself from Bitcoin to STOs and now to TAOs. The expansion of cryptos into asset tokenization is a natural progression since it allows traditional real estate, art galleries and illiquid asset classes to move onto the blockchain.
Asset tokenization refers to the process of converting the ownership of real-world assets into multiple digital tokens. Be it venture capital funds, equity shares, real estate, precious metals such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc. it is possible to tokenize any asset. The tokens are backed by blockchain technology that records every transaction on the platform to secure the user and the asset information comprehensively. The technology enables more efficiency and security for investors and brings in new participants.

Tokenized Asset Offering paves the way for a financial market to move into blockchain through automated KYC/AML, investor verification and fully transparent voting rights.

Type Of
Asset Tokenization

Real-Estate Tokenization

Make Your real estate investments accessible, digital and global through a legally compliant token structure. Tokenization of commercial real estate ensures the illiquid assets are digitized. Thereby making some of the world’s largest and most secure asset classes accessible to the deep liquidity available on the blockchain.

Art Tokenization

Fractional ownership of existing art collections helps artists and galleries expand their businesses by converting illiquid assets into trading products appropriate for traditional financial markets, while maintaining a full record of provenance. This opens up the art world into uncharted territory where the decision-makers are the investors or the token-holders.

Stable Coins

Stablecoins are hailed as the holy grail of the cryptocurrency market. Beyond the stable value for trading and investments, stable coins allow exchanges to bridge the gap between the traditional financial system and the blockchain.?

VC Fund Tokenization

Tokenization helps investors track their Investment Fuds without the need for an intermediary. The VC fund tokens are compliant with financial regulations and allow investors to buy and sell tokens through a exchange trading platform or over-the-counter (OTC).

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

There are many assets which cannot be readily converted to cash. These could be current, fixed or even intangible assets. These can be tokenized without any loss of value while supporting increased trading volume and potentially yielding greater profits for the investors and the project.

Mining Pools Tokenization

Mining pools are highly illiquid, making them ideal for tokenization. As the tokenized commodities and renewable energy move on-chain, mining pools are an essential component of this emerging marketplace. Tokenizing a pool can greatly expand its access to capital.