About Chestnut

Welcome to Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC

Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC (Chestnut Hill) invests both its own capital as well as working in partnership with a select group of family offices, high net worth individuals and non-traditional sources of capital. Chestnut Hill also acts as an advisor to early stage and middle market companies. In addition, Chestnut Hill has partnerships with several Crypto exchanges and Crowdfunding platforms. Chestnut Hill has a decade of experience listing companies on the OTC Markets and Crypto exchanges.

The Chestnut Hill

With 10+ years of experience in listing companies on traditional and non-traditional markets, we have managed to build a reputation and network that we are extremely proud of. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers this network as part of our elite services.


The Chestnut Hill Network offers unique values not available through any other platform. By building the Chestnut Hill Network, we are furthering our mission of fostering equality in global trade by providing access to remote regional markets.


The Chestnut Hill Network provides access to aggregated liquidity from the leading global exchanges, spanning six continents and a variety of different markets. The Chestnut Hill Network connects emerging and established markets, and is inclusive to players of all sizes. Our commitment to our customers continues long past their launch date, and through these relationships we have managed to build a one-of-a kind network of businesses in the crypto industry